Seriously… Sugar is a drug. Go ahead, google it. You will find articles upon articles with proof galore that sugar has the same effect on the human brain as common street drugs. That’s right kids! All those times you passed up the crack pipe and opted for Starbucks instead- same thing. Okay, that may be a tad bit dramatized.

I thought long and hard about the similarities between a drug abuser and a sugar abuser. At first, it seemed the obvious difference was that a drug abuser made a conscious choice to use drugs regardless of the negative effects it could have on their lives and body. Whereas, sugar abusers didn’t make a conscious decision to harm themselves, but rather the side effects are a mere possibility of what could happen as a result of that tasty Snickers bar. BUT WAIT! That’s a lie. It’s common knowledge that sugar can cause insulin resistance, diabetes, premature aging and a FAT booty! Among other things.

So, really… There’s little difference between a drug user and a sugar abuser other than the pace at which you are cutting years off of your life. This is clearly my opinion but it IS based on sound evidence and common sense. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that they’re consuming sugar as often as they are. Sugar is in everything from bread, canned/ packaged fruits, cereals (even the healthy oat bran kind), and my favorite hidden sugar-devil (Dun Dun, DUUUN) …sauces! I’m talking ketchup, BBQ sauce, premade spaghetti sauces- this crud is everywhere!?

So, how do you cut sugar out of your everyday life?

  • If you must eat something that was made in a factory…. Read the label. Make sure all of the ingredients are natural whole foods or as close as possible. At least steer clear of high fructose corn syrup.
  • Make your own dressings and sauces…. c’mon guys. This is the YouTube era. There’s a video for everything so there’s really no excuse.
  • Don’t eat out. This seems hard at first, but as time passes cooking actually becomes a relaxing ritual. Even if you burn a few things at first. 🙂
  • This most important thing: JUST SAY NO!

In the end, you need to turn down the cake, the same way you’d decline the crack pipe and a simple “No, thank you” may not always suffice. Trust me. There are going to be times you’ll have to be harsh with friends and family in saying, “Heck no man! That stuff is for losers!”


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