Ah, my very own blog! A verbal sanctuary to type my mind! I’ve thought long and hard about what it is I have to contribute to the blog world. I came to the conclusion, that I don’t want just an ordinary blog on one topic. So, I’ll ask my readers (Ha! Assuming I’ll have any) to bear with me as I ‘find my grove’ in this virtual world.

Some things to expect:
1. Design ideas
2. Crafty stuff (I know, I know. Another craft blog?)
3. Unbiased current event conversations.
4. Sustainable living
AND 5. Artful things in all forms.

Creating and Art are the center of my world. I hope to share thoughts, ideas, and projects that help the Internet community to see the world as art. As beauty.

Step one: See what I see. Follow me on Instagram.
Name: macdilla


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